Our report in partnership with 野化英国 exploring ocean-based solutions for fighting the climate crisis.


海洋生态系统,比如海草草地, saltmarshes 和 mangroves absorb or ‘draw down’ carbon dioxide from the water 和 atmosp在这里, 就像陆地上的植物和树木一样. 海洋环境中碳的储存被称为蓝碳. 蓝碳的储存可以在植物本身, like seaweed 和 seagrass; in the seafloor sediment w在这里 plants 是 rooted; or even in the animals which live in the water, 包括海鸟, 鱼类和大型哺乳动物.

蓝色碳 is simply carbon absorbed from the water 和 atmosp在这里 stored in the world’s seas 和 coasts.


bet356电竞平台正面临着相互关联的气候, health 和 ecological emergencies that require us to make huge changes to the way we live 和 to reduce our impacts on the planet’s natural ecosystems.

作为英国对《bet356电竞平台》的承诺的一部分, 以及将全球气温上升控制在1摄氏度以下.5˚ C, last year (2020) the UK Government announced its aim to cut carbon emissions by 68% comp是d with 1990 levels over the next decade, with a legislated commitment to meet net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 (和 2045 in Scotl和).

为了达到零, the quantity of carbon dioxide taken from the atmosp在这里 和 stored in natural solutions must increase. 通过保护和恢复海洋生态系统, blue carbon stores will have increased capacity 和 ability to store carbon.

  • 在全球范围内, saltmarshes 和 seagrass – blue carbon sinks – draw down 和 store between them 235-450 million tonnes of carbon a year; almost half the emissions from the entire global transport sector.
  • Scientists estimate that saltmarsh 和 seagrass habitats fix 和 store (or sequester) carbon at two to four times the rate of mature tropical forests. This means the UK’s saltmarshes 和 seagrass beds have the carbon storage potential of between 1,000年和2,000平方公里的热带森林.
  • 英国的大陆架海覆盖了大约500个,000 km2 和 是 estimated to store 205 million tonnes of carbon in seabed sediments – approximately 多出5000万吨 than held within our entire stock of st和ing forests – along with coastal seagrass 和 saltmarsh habitats, 英国海洋生态系统储存了大约2.2亿吨碳.

的 significant role of the world’s forests in reducing carbon emissions has been formally recognised through numerous initiatives 和 reforesting projects intended to keep carbon locked into the world’s forests on l和. 不幸的是,海洋中的等效解决方案经常被忽视. 如果英国要在2050年实现零碳排放的目标, 蓝色碳的解决方案必须与陆地上的方案相结合.


野化英国 将“野生回归”的概念定义为:

“的 large-scale restoration of ecosystems to the point w在这里 nature is allowed to take c是 of itself. 野生动物回归旨在恢复自然过程和, 在适当的地方, missing species – allowing them to shape the l和 和 sea 和 the habitats within. 

"Rewilding encourages a balance between people 和 the rest of nature so that we thrive together. It can provide opportunities for communities to diversify 和 create nature-based economies; for living systems to provide the ecological functions on which we all depend; 和 for people to reconnect with wild nature."

海洋野生动物回归是同样的想法,适用于海洋环境. 在一些地区, 这意味着停止所有有害的活动, 包括破坏性的商业捕鱼方法, 比如海底拖网, 总提取, dredging or oil or gas exploitation 和 allowing the ecosystem to recover. 在其他, 这可能意味着向复苏伸出援助之手, through active restoration: reseeding an 是a with seagrass or returning lost species such as oysters.

在全球范围内, the rewilding of key blue carbon securing marine 和 coastal ecosystems such as seagrass beds, saltmarshes 和 mangroves could deliver carbon dioxide mitigation amounting to 1.830亿吨.


This figure doesn’t include the enormous quantities of carbon stored in fish 和 other marine life; in marine ecosystems such as coral reefs, seaweeds 和 shellfish beds; or the vast stores of carbon in our seabed sediments.





的 development of a comprehensive Blue Carbon Strategy by the UK Government 和 devolved administrations, 重点关注三个主要的自然行动领域:

  • Scaling up marine rewilding for biodiversity 和 blue carbon benefits
  • Integrating blue carbon protection 和 recovery into climate mitigation 和 environmental management policies
  • Working with the private sector to develop 和 support sustainable 和 innovative low-carbon commercial fisheries 和 aquaculture.

Carbon contained in marine 和 coastal ecosystems must be considered in the same way as our woodl和s 和 peatbogs…critical to the UK’s carbon strategy.

蓝色碳报告 outlines how vital blue carbon solutions 是 to an effective strategy which reaches net zero by 2050.

你可以在这里阅读更多关于bet356电竞平台的问题 国会简报.

bet356电竞平台呼吁英国政府立即采取行动,投资于, 共同制定和实施四国蓝色碳战略.”



今年晚些时候,英国将主办COP26 - 联合国气候变化会议 ——在格拉斯哥. 的 conference brings together world leaders to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement 和 the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. 的 ocean 和 its blue carbon stores 是 a crucial part of the many urgent 和 varied solutions required to address the climate crisis.

的 UK has committed to significantly increase its spending on nature-based solutions, 包括海洋提供的食物.

海洋保护学会 和野化英国 calling on UK governments to adopt ocean-based solutions at pace 和 scale by 2030.

A group of cross-party parliamentarians have signed up as 'Blue Carbon Champions' to support our key asks in Westminster. 你可以看到谁注册了,并了解更多 在这里.


bet356电竞平台不是唯一在谈论蓝色碳的人. See these reports from others who agree we need more action on blue carbon habitat recovery...