pfa(每氟烷基和多氟烷基物质), nicknamed ‘forever chemicals’ are a highly persistent group of several thousand chemicals. Find out more about them, why they're a problem and what we're doing about it below.


pfa(每氟烷基和多氟烷基物质), nicknamed ‘forever chemicals’ are a highly persistent group of several thousand chemicals.

pfa无处不在. 你的不沾锅? 可能pfa. 你的防水外套? 可能pfa. 你的防油纸? 是的,你猜对了! pfa.

pfa can give items both waterproof and greaseproof properties and withstand a lot of heat. They're also very unreactive, so they don't break down easily. But these characteristics that make them so wonderful for these applications are also their downfall...they don’t break down in the environment, hence their apt nickname, forever chemicals.

pfa也能够在水中很容易地移动. 它们曾在河流中被发现, seawater and even drinking water as water treatment plants are currently unable to effectively remove them.

pfa have also travelled all the way to polar regions, miles from any industrial or consumer behaviour involving them.


pfa are a key group of chemicals that need to be more restricted, due to the sheer extent of their uses and occurrence in everyday products.

They are currently impossible to remove from the ocean and as they are a large family of several thousand chemicals, regulating by a chemical-by-chemical approach is taking far too long.

There are many routes for pfa into the environment, for example; firefighting foam can be directly released into the environment, or household cleaning products and cosmetics containing pfa can be washed down the drain and indirectly enter the environment.


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pfa have been shown to impact bottlenose dolphins in the USA, where links were shown between increased levels of pfa and effects on immune, 血, 肝肾功能.

pfa exposure has also been linked to impacts on the immune function of sea otters, neurological impacts in polar bears as well as negative effects on fish and seabirds.

These are not isolated incidents and chemical pollution has already been revealed to be one of the main drivers of the current biodiversity crisis.

持久性化学品的威胁并不是什么新鲜事. So-called legacy chemicals like PCBs continue to wreak havoc decades after they were banned.

The UK’s killer whale population haven't had offspring in several years as a result of severe PCB pollution. 就像多氯联苯一样, pfa are highly persistent and nearly impossible to remove from the environment.

bet356电竞平台现在必须采取行动,防止pfa离开类似的, 如果不是更糟, 给下一代的多氯联苯留下的遗产.

The only option to prevent pfa pollution in the environment is to stop them at source, now.


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  • Remain aligned with EU REACH regulations to ensure any restriction of pfa in the EU is also applied to the UK (ongoing).
  • Enhance the regulatory framework for persistent chemicals by implementing a grouping approach rather than banning the individual pfa one at a time, to ensure pfa are banned in all non-essential uses by 2025.
  • Encourage the addition of all pfa chemicals rather than individual ones as an amendment to the Stockholm convention at the next and any necessary future meetings.


  • Commit to immediately phasing out all pfa chemicals in products and begin replacing them with safer alternatives, with all products containing alternatives to pfa by 2022.
  • Label products containing pfa (or not) clearly so that consumers can make informed decisions about buying pfa-free products.


  • Improve testing criteria to ensure a full spectrum of pfa are tested regularly rather than limiting testing to a few specific pfa.


Our goal is to stop the continued impact of pfa on our marine environment and the wildlife that lives there.

We're working to raise awareness of pfa and their impacts on the marine environment.

We are calling for Governments to ban the use of all pfa in all non-essential uses and asking businesses to remove pfa from their products.

还有其他几个非政府组织,包括CHEM Trust, Fidra, 英国乳腺癌协会和其他组织, we are calling for immediate action to be taken on pfa.

在最近的联合回应中, bet356电竞平台已提出紧急情况, group-based regulation to prevent further pfa pollution in the UK environment: (英国/ ngo-response-PFASs-rmoa)


As an individual it’s very difficult to avoid pfa as they're in so many different products.

而不是, you can get involved in citizen science projects providing vital information on the prevalence of pfa. Fidra is asking people to conduct a simple 'bead test' on food packaging.


  1. Collect paper and cardboard food packaging; this could be from the food stored in your home or from when you have been out to eat.
  2. Using a homemade dropper or pencil, drop a small amount of olive oil onto the packaging. Does the droplet soak in or spread out, or form a perfect little bead? 测试包装的两面以确定.
  3. 拍张照片 提交你的结果!


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