There are many ways you can get involved and fundraise for the bet356电竞平台. 这里有一些想法可以让你开始.



Whether you’re taking part in an organised event or planning one of your own, 挑战是筹集资金的好方法.

You could find a new sporting challenge or organise an activity you already enjoy. 你有可以举办活动的设施吗? 在你家附近的游泳池、学校操场或海边小路上呢?

邀请别人加入你的挑战,或者一个人挑战. Remember: some venues may have a limit on the number of people they can allow on-site for health and safety reasons. 确保你所做的是安全合法的.

£ 参加当地的一万公里比赛
££ 跑一次马拉松
£££ 接受一系列的挑战


有很多5000万到2万的课程, 所以,你想要接受多大的挑战,完全取决于你自己. Some courses require teamwork, so gather your family, friends or colleagues.

£ 5 k课程
££ 10 k的课程
£££ 10英里泥运行


跳舞、跑步、自行车、皮艇、呼啦圈... 这是你自己的选择. Set yourself a timescale, choose your activity and decide whether to go it alone or form a team. Find the right space (make sure you have permission) and go for it!

£ 6至12小时
££ 12至24小时
£££ 创造世界纪录!



在舒适的家中筹集资金. Give something up, lend a helping hand to your neighbours, host a 和我一起吃饭吧 比赛或请朋友来唱卡拉ok. Whatever you decide to do, this is your chance to use your talents, interests and hobbies for good. If you can't be together in person, why not make it a virtual event?

£ 早上喝咖啡
££ 棋盘游戏晚上
£££ 视频游戏挑战

食物 & 喝

If cooking is your thing, share your culinary skills with your family, friends or colleagues. 计划一顿三道菜的晚餐,并要求用餐者捐款, 与朋友, 或者找个地方卖你的面包. If you’re not much of a cook, you could organise a wine or whiskey tasting, or host a cocktail party. 只要记得检查一下你需要的执照就行了.

£ 义卖
££ 品酒
£££ 当地美食节


If you have a craft-based hobby or skill, sell what you make and donate your profits. 或者做得更大些,组织一个展览或手工艺品展览会!

£ 设计和销售卡片
££ 举办一系列的大师班,教授你的技能
£££ 举办工艺博览会或展览


Parties are a great way to get people involved in your fundraising because all they need to do is show up! 穿奇装异服更上一层楼, 游戏, 一个抽奖活动, 卡拉ok, 或者真的去做,组织一个正式的活动. Make sure you follow our green guide to keep your environmental impact as minimal as possible.

£ 和家人朋友在家里开个小派对
££ 租一个大厅并出售门票
£££ 正式晚会


酒吧智力竞赛,大学挑战,体育竞赛 ... 小测验是一种简单而有趣的筹款方式. Ask competitors to pay an entry fee and local businesses to donate a prize. 你也可以增加一个抽奖来快速筹集资金. 请参阅bet356电竞平台的指南,以保持您的活动合法.

£ 在工作或学校的午休时间进行一个小测验
££ 在你当地的酒吧里进行测试
£££ 用几个月的时间进行智力竞赛,并获得大奖


学校为筹款提供了极好的机会, 因为你可以很容易地接触到很多人. 组织一个 蓝色的天 and ditch your uniform for an all-blue wardrobe (you could even dye your hair blue!). Turn your sports day into a fundraising opportunity by asking competitors to donate to enter, 举行一次彩票, 或者把票卖给父母. Other ideas include a teddy bears' picnic, fun run, bake off, or bring-and-buy sale.

£ 午餐时间蛋糕大减价
££ 类赞助的沉默
£££ 为学生和他们的家人举办的学校聚会或迪斯科舞会


Fundraise at work yourself or get your whole office or company involved. Many of the activities already mentioned work brilliantly in the workplace. Ask your employer to match all or a portion of anything you raise.

£ 办公室彩票
££ 工资给


bet356电竞平台都有责任扭转海滩垃圾的趋势. Beachwatch is our national beach cleaning and litter survey programme, where people all around the UK come together to care for their coastline. Join an event or organise your own and be part of the fight for the future of our oceans!

还是不知道该怎么办? 看看bet356电竞平台各种各样的筹款想法 更多的灵感.


虚拟活动变得越来越流行. 几乎所有的筹款活动都可以在网上进行, 例如使用社交媒体或视频通话. 这样做有很多好处:

  • 接触更广泛的受众
  • 与远方的朋友和家人联系
  • 参加一个你不能去的大型活动
  • 节省纸张,没有海报或邀请打印
  • 节省租用场地所需的钱

It might sound daunting to organise an online event but it can be easy and fun. 下面是一些让你开始的方法:


Make your post into a fundraiser by selecting ‘Raise Money’ and search for the bet356电竞平台.


在日记里写上日期,想邀请多少人就邀请多少人. 建立一个在线捐赠页面,并接受捐赠. 那天, 在你计算分数的时候, 设置得分任务,让人们开心, 比如在五分钟内穿尽可能多的衣服. 向获胜的队伍颁发证书或自制奖杯.


  • 允许团队捐款购买一个答案.
  • 要求非玩家捐款,为团队设置问题或任务. 记住要与捐款者分享结果.
  • 分享 your fundraiser far and wide on social media and tag the bet356电竞平台.


Many of the big challenge events now offer virtual challenges alongside their physical events. 请关注bet356电竞平台的活动页面或访问 超的挑战, 的征服者, or 伟大的运行 去寻找你的挑战.

或者,为什么不提出自己的挑战呢? How many times would you have to climb your stairs to equal the height of Ben Nevis or Snowden? 有没有当地的跑步路线? Using apps like Strava you can track and share your fitness activity and link it to your online giving page.


Turn your love of gaming into a cause for good by setting yourself a fundraising challenge. 你可以加入bet356电竞平台游戏的鲨鱼 活动或创建自己的.




  • 选择你的活动
  • 如有必要,为您的活动注册
  • 建立一个在线捐赠页面
  • 如果有必要,制定预算
  • 如果有必要,找一个地点
  • 如有必要,获得执照
  • 邀请人们
  • 促进你的活动


  • If you’ve hit your fundraising target, increase it to encourage extra donations
  • 感谢你的捐赠


Your fundraising support helps us campaign for proper protection for marine habitats and wildlife, 使海洋和海滩更清洁, 保护英国的鱼类.

在过去的十年里,英国海滩上的垃圾翻了一番, 超过一半的海滩垃圾是由塑料制成的, 可能永远不会被生物降解. We run regular beach cleans with thousands of volunteers, collecting and surveying litter ever year.



bet356电竞平台在英国吃的海鲜只有5种. 为什么不试试新东西呢?


bet356电竞平台的会员和支持者对bet356电竞平台的成功至关重要, 为bet356电竞平台提供保护海洋所需的资金, 海岸和野生动物. 没有他们通过志愿活动的慷慨支持, 运动和捐赠, we wouldn’t be able to carry out our important marine conservation work.

We’re proud that more than 80% of our income is spent on conservation work – from campaigning for marine protected areas, 清理海滩上的垃圾, and working with industry to encourage more sustainable fishing practices.

作为对你的支持的回报, bet356电竞平台确保bet356电竞平台所有的筹款活动都是诚实的, 法律, 透明,尊重捐赠者的意愿和隐私. Our staff and any agencies that work for us adhere to the strictest fundraising guidelines. bet356电竞平台完全遵守所有相关法律, 包括1998年的《365娱乐游戏平台》, 《365娱乐游戏平台》, “电话优先服务”, 以及筹款学会的筹款守则.

We are registered with the Fundraising Regulator (FR) and are members of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA – formerly the Direct Marketing Association) and the Institute of Fundraising (IOF).


  • bet356电竞平台致力于最高标准.
  • We will be open and transparent about how we raise and spend money.
  • We will never sell your data to other companies or share your details with other charities, 除非你告诉bet356电竞平台可以.
  • We will make it clear and easy for you to choose how you hear from us. If you ask us not to contact you, we won’t, unless it’s a 法律 requirement.
  • If we call you on the phone regarding your membership or other means of support, bet356电竞平台总是首先检查你是否愿意与bet356电竞平台交谈.
  • bet356电竞平台永远不会使用咄咄逼人或咄咄逼人的筹资技巧.
  • We fully support the strengthening of the fundraising regulations and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If you have any concerns about the way we fundraise or would like more information, please 电子邮件 或者打电话给bet356电竞平台. 另外,你亦可致函以下地址:

HR9 7bet356电竞平台


记得 注册你的事件,这样bet356电竞平台才能支持你.

If you need any help with planning your event, 电子邮件 us any time at (电子邮件保护).