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Everything you need to know about our approach to recruitment, including applications, interviews and available support.

How do I apply?

Please visit out current vacancies page and select the role you would like to apply for. 请下载职位描述和人员说明,仔细阅读详细信息. Click ‘apply’ and fill in our online application form. 您将需要附加更多的文件,如简历和陈述您想要与bet356电竞平台合作的动机. Our online form may include mandatory questions marked with an asterisk, which you will need to answer in order to progress.

What should I include in the motivation statement?

在你的动机陈述中,bet356电竞平台希望你能告诉bet356电竞平台你的经历是如何与职位要求相匹配的. 在填写本部分时,请密切参考职位描述和人员要求. 包括任何现实生活中的例子来展示你的技能,以及它们将如何让你在这个职位上成功.

We also want to know what inspired you to apply for the role. 告诉bet356电竞平台公司的什么地方吸引你应聘这个职位.

We find that stronger applications have a motivation statement, so to give yourself the best opportunity for the role, please ensure you include one. No need to write pages: one side of A4 is perfect, two would be more than enough, so try to limit yourself.

bet356电竞平台尽可能将您的申请匿名化,所以不要在您的求职信和简历中包含个人信息. 其中包括照片、姓名、出生日期、联系方式和社交媒体链接. 如果资历对你的申请有bet356电竞平台的话,你可以提及, but you don’t need to say where or when you studied. bet356电竞平台希望在筛选过程中不提供个人信息.

What employment checks do you make?

  • We are obliged to only employ those who have the right to work in the UK, 所以你必须能够在面试或录用过程中提供证据. Please see the UK Government website for a list of acceptable documents. 请注意,bet356电竞平台没有内政部的签证担保许可——如果你没有签证,bet356电竞平台将不能担保你的签证. See the UK Government website to find out if you need a visa to work in the UK and for further information.
  • 雇佣介绍人-聘用的条件是bet356电竞平台收到两名令人满意的介绍人. bet356电竞平台会向你现在或最近的雇主寻求参考,但这只能在工作邀请发出后才会做.
  • 披露和限制服务(或苏格兰的PVG) -由于bet356电竞平台的一些角色的性质, you may be required to complete a disclosure check. This will be set out in the role requirements if it applies.

What happens if I’ve had criminal convictions or cautions?

bet356电竞平台认识到前罪犯作为雇员和志愿者所能作出的贡献,欢迎你的申请. 犯罪记录的证据本身并不会阻止你被任命, bet356电竞平台也很感激你能在早期就宣布任何未被定罪的罪名.

如果bet356电竞平台提供并且你接受一个需要披露检查的角色(根据罪犯康复法案), bet356电竞平台将开始检查过程,并与您联系,讨论任何结果.

所有案件都将在个别的基础上加以审议,并考虑到有关罪行的背景(例如, the seriousness of the offence, the length of time since it occurred, your age at the time, circumstances surrounding the offence, 等).

Read our full Recruitment of ex-offenders policy.

When will you contact my employment references?

We will not contact your referees until you have accepted our job offer. We would like to contact your current and/or most recent employers, but if this is your first job since leaving full-time education, your headteacher or further education tutor can be given as a referee.

如果你是自由职业者或个体经营者,不能提供以前的雇主的参考, please speak to us for an alternative route.

Can I send my CV in for you to keep on file?

不幸的是,bet356电竞平台不接受投机性的求职咨询,bet356电竞平台也无法将简历存档. If there is not currently a vacancy you are interested in please sign up for our job alerts, so we can let you know when new roles have been posted.

Can I apply for more than one role at any time?

You are more than welcome to apply for more than one role at a time. 这将意味着你需要填写一个申请表每个角色感兴趣,建议您确保您为每个角色定制你的应用程序来演示你符合标准的详细规范的人,因为他们很可能是不同的.

What is the latest time I can submit an application?


What happens if I miss a deadline?


How often do you update your website?

Our careers site is updated as soon as a vacancy is available. To keep up to date with our vacancies please sign up to our job alerts.


bet356电竞平台感谢所有努力申请bet356电竞平台职位的人, and keeping you informed is important to us. bet356电竞平台将以任何一种方式联系所有的候选人,让他们知道他们的申请结果, but regretfully, it’s not always possible before scheduled interviews.

Can I be notified when you post a vacancy?

Absolutely – sign up for our job alerts.

Is there any support offered during the recruitment process if I need it?

bet356电竞平台希望确保残疾人和长期健康状况的人感到得到了支持, engaged and able to fulfil their potential in the workplace.

We will offer you support in making reasonable adjustments where required, 所以,如果你想在申请过程中受益,请通过电子邮件bet356电竞平台 [email protected].


My application was unsuccessful, can I request feedback?


If you attend an interview, we do provide feedback at that stage.

What do you do with my data?

Please see our privacy notice.


For some of our roles, bet356电竞平台有您必须满足的最低标准,以便您的申请进展. For example, 申请表可以使用申请前的问题页来确定你是否满足职位空缺的最低要求. If you do not meet the minimum requirements of the vacancy, you will not be able to continue with your application. 在申请过程中,任何自动决策都会向您突出显示,您将被要求同意您愿意继续使用这个过程.

What happens at an interview?

If you’re invited to an interview, you may be requested to prepare a task in advance, or take part in a group activity as part of the assessment process. We’ll let you have all the details in the invitation to interview.

bet356电竞平台将会有一个基于能力的面试,你将会被要求提供来自你经验的例子, or thought processes against the requirements of the role. 的 STAR model can be a useful way to prepare for competency-based questions.

请记住,面试是一个机会,让你了解在bet356电竞平台工作的情况,并就工作职责提出问题——你是在面试bet356电竞平台, as much as we are interviewing you. Of course, there is a formal element to an interview, 但bet356电竞平台真的希望你能享受这段经历,创造一个可以放松的环境,让自己处于最佳状态.

如果你觉得你需要任何合理的调整,以bet356电竞平台你充分参与面试过程, do let us know.

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